The great metropolis of Gardania stands as perhaps the largest city Edolath has ever known, home to nearly 200,000 people. Virtually every square mile of the rolling countryside has been plotted out and converted into farmland or put to use powering Gardania’s powerful industry.

The Gardanian Empire has a reputation for being fairly aggressive the past few hundred years, and are used to living in a state of almost eternal war due to the constant need for expansion.

The current rulers are the [[Sibling Kings, Enoch and Victor S. Tyndall]], identical twins who have held the throne for close to forty years after the death of their elder brother, William Tyndall IV. Soon after the Sibling Kings were crowned the kingdom began to undergo a technological revolution, fostered in part by the appearance of the engineering prodigy Elswit Vorn.

Developing a close relationship with the crown, Vorn helped develop and produce advanced weaponry and technology for the Gardanian army. This promoted further aggression in the need for resources.

The year 1319 marked the start of the Twin’s War


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